Dolphin Air Engineering & Management Center has officially become ISO 9001– 2000 certified on July 26th 2007
Many Years of Service for Our Customers
Dolphin Air is a Dubai based low cost airline. It offers passengers not only one of the lowest possible airfares in the market but safe, reliable and convenient point-to-point air travel as well. Dolphin Air took to the skies of Dubai and Sharjah with two aircraft in its fleet and three routes in its network.

Today, Dolphin Air operates from two bases in the region: Dubai and Sharjah. With a fleet of two Boeing B737-200 aircraft, Dolphin Air offers flights to multiple destinations across the Middle East region.
Also in our Dolphin Air Group, We have Aviation Solutions which is for Aircraft Fuel Supply and Yazi Gems Which is for Precious stones and Gems and First Line Cargo which is for all your cargo (Air/Sea/Road) business.

The Future for Our Customers
In the very near future, our customers will join us in our induction of new Airbus A320 family of aircraft. A few of the exciting opportunities will be a raffle in which a pair of selected customers will join our Technical Team delivery a new aircraft into our fleet.

Shareholder Structure
Dolphin Air has one main goal in mind which is to empower our employees to take ownership of our airline. The Shareholder term in our airline is a simple view, which is everyone owns their part of the airline and it is their responsibility to ensure that our livelihood is quality based and safety is foremost in all our minds and actions.

Core Business Strategy
Dolphin Air, a low cost airline, operates on four customer-focused core strategies:

Market stimulation - creating opportunities for new travelers and empowering budget-conscious people to fly more often by making travel affordable with its consistent low fares;
Stringent cost controls through our operations so that we can keep our fares consistently low for travelers;
Capacity utilization - maximizing the number of sectors served by our aircraft per day with efficient air traffic planning.
Safety Drivers- providing a safe and efficient aircraft which in turns ensure we are always having consistency with our customer base.

The Proven Business Model
The Dolphin Air business model is based on America’s successful airlines, which uses its very low cost base to offer very low fares. This involves scrutinizing every single aspect of the business to remove non-essential costs but not cutting any corners in passenger safety, security and punctuality.
This includes:
  • Ticket-less travel to save on print and distribution of paper tickets.
  • Removing frills so that passengers only pay for what they want. Excess luggage, meals and entertainment on-board flights (soon available) are all available at affordable prices should passengers want them.
  • Induction of New aircraft provides new technology with greater fuel efficiency and less maintenance, plus passengers enjoy a more comfortable ride.
  • Operating at Budget Terminals and secondary airports to reduce operating costs.
  • Short aircraft turn-around to keep ground time low and flying time high. This means more seats can be sold on more flights for passengers to enjoy cheaper fares, and
  • Outsourcing aircraft maintenance to reputable companies to ensure high safety standards are achieved at competitive rates.

Low Fares, Great Value, More Choice
Dolphin Air is committed to offering value-for-money travel to its customers. To offer a complete travel deals, Dolphin Air has teamed up with various partners to providing charter aircraft rentals which will allow the customer to select a variety of available destinations. The airline works closely with its partners to bring great value to its customers with exclusive offers and special discounts.